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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Patan Pincode / Post Office Search (SATARA, Maharashtra)

Adul B.O 415205PatanMaharashtra
Ambale B.O 415014PatanMaharashtra
Ambavawde KHD B.O 415112PatanMaharashtra
Ambrule B.O 415205PatanMaharashtra
Avarde B.O 415014PatanMaharashtra
Bahule S.O 415209PatanMaharashtra
Bambawade B.O 415014PatanMaharashtra
Banpuri B.O 415112PatanMaharashtra
Belawade KH B.O 415205PatanMaharashtra
Bibi(Patan) B.O 415206PatanMaharashtra
Bondri B.O 415206PatanMaharashtra
Bopoli B.O 415207PatanMaharashtra
Chaphal S.O 415520PatanMaharashtra
Chikhaewadi B.O 415103PatanMaharashtra
Dadholi B.O 415520PatanMaharashtra
Dervan B.O 415520PatanMaharashtra
Dhamni B.O 415112PatanMaharashtra
Dhebewadi S.O 415112PatanMaharashtra
Dhoroshi B.O 415014PatanMaharashtra
Divashi BK B.O 415209PatanMaharashtra
Divashi Khrud B.O 415206PatanMaharashtra
Dixi B.O 415206PatanMaharashtra
Galmewadi B.O 415103PatanMaharashtra
Garwade B.O 415209PatanMaharashtra
Ghosatawadi B.O 415206PatanMaharashtra
Ghot B.O 415014PatanMaharashtra
Govare B.O 415207PatanMaharashtra
Gudhe B.O 415112PatanMaharashtra
Helwak B.O 415207PatanMaharashtra
Jalagewadi B.O 415520PatanMaharashtra
Jalav B.O 415014PatanMaharashtra
Janugade Wadi B.O 415112PatanMaharashtra
Jinti. B.O 415112PatanMaharashtra
Kadavebuduruk B.O 415014PatanMaharashtra
Kadhane B.O 415103PatanMaharashtra
Kalgaon B.O 415112PatanMaharashtra
Kelambe B.O 415014PatanMaharashtra
Keloli B.O 415520PatanMaharashtra
Keral B.O 415206PatanMaharashtra
Khale B.O 415103PatanMaharashtra
Kokisare B.O 415206PatanMaharashtra
Koriwale B.O 415209PatanMaharashtra
Koyana S.O 415207PatanMaharashtra
Kumbhargaon B.O 415103PatanMaharashtra
Kusawade B.O 415206PatanMaharashtra
Kusurund B.O 415206PatanMaharashtra
Kuthare B.O 415112PatanMaharashtra
Mahawashi B.O 415206PatanMaharashtra
Mahind B.O 415112PatanMaharashtra
Majgaon B.O 415520PatanMaharashtra
Malashi B.O 415014PatanMaharashtra
Maldan B.O 415112PatanMaharashtra
Mandrulkole B.O 415112PatanMaharashtra
Mane Wadi B.O 415103PatanMaharashtra
Marali B.O 415211PatanMaharashtra
Marul B.O 415206PatanMaharashtra
Marul Haveli S.O 415212PatanMaharashtra
Mendh B.O 415112PatanMaharashtra
Mendhoshi B.O 415206PatanMaharashtra
Morgiri B.O 415206PatanMaharashtra
Murud B.O 415014PatanMaharashtra
Nade B.O 415205PatanMaharashtra
Nadoli B.O 415205PatanMaharashtra
Nanegaon BK B.O 415520PatanMaharashtra
Nanegaon KH B.O 415520PatanMaharashtra
Natoshi B.O 415206PatanMaharashtra
Navadi B.O 415209PatanMaharashtra
Navaja B.O 415207PatanMaharashtra
Nisare B.O 415205PatanMaharashtra
Nune B.O 415014PatanMaharashtra
Paparde B.O 415205PatanMaharashtra
Pimpaloshi B.O 415206PatanMaharashtra
Rahude B.O 415014PatanMaharashtra
Rasati B.O 415207PatanMaharashtra
Sadawaghapur B.O 415206PatanMaharashtra
Saikade B.O 415103PatanMaharashtra
Sajur B.O 415209PatanMaharashtra
Salave B.O 415112PatanMaharashtra
Sangvad B.O 415205PatanMaharashtra
Savarghar B.O 415014PatanMaharashtra
Shantinagar B.O 415112PatanMaharashtra
Snboor B.O 415112PatanMaharashtra
Sonaichi Wadi B.O 415209PatanMaharashtra
Sonawade B.O 415211PatanMaharashtra
Tamkane B.O 415206PatanMaharashtra
Tarale S.O 415014PatanMaharashtra
Tondhoshi B.O 415014PatanMaharashtra
Umarkanchan B.O 415112PatanMaharashtra
Urul B.O 415109PatanMaharashtra
Vajroshi B.O 415014PatanMaharashtra
Vanzole B.O 415112PatanMaharashtra
Vihe B.O 415114PatanMaharashtra
Yerad B.O 415206PatanMaharashtra
Yeraphale B.O 415205PatanMaharashtra

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